Jason Parr

‘Personal thoughts’ by: Jason Parr

So I watch the Ellen show everyday at 4pm. I enjoy watching her show because she is very entertaining and she is always doing something good for someone. I often wish that I could do things for people just to see them smile. but, when people hear that you are a convicted felony everything you do that’s good becomes meaningless. I truly believe that there is good everyone and everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. So thanks to Ellen I strive to do one good thing for someone in here everyday. Just to let it be known I plan to write about positive topics only because if you always dwell on the negatives in life then your life will always be negative.

Jason Parr #A608-600
5900 BIS Rd.
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

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  1. God Bless you Jason. I so enjoy reading your thoughts and blog! I will pray for you and that you find an opportunity every day to spend from God’s pocket.


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