Vincent Evans

“Back In the Day” by Vincent Evans

There is a certain beauty to being “Old-School” and I welcome it. You see, I was raised by strong women and men who believed in family, education, spirituality, hard work, and love. They had what today is considered to be an “Old-School” mentality that was actually pretty common back then, not an exception to the rule. So when a young person calls me “Old-School” I’m not offended, I see it as a compliment.
Being “Old-School” means remembering when mothers and grandmothers made kids change out of school clothes before going outside to play, wash our hands before sitting down at the dinner table, and bless our food before even thinking about taking a bite. Strong women instilled their values in us at an early age, teaching us t be honest, respectful, and considerate, while strong men showed us by example what it meant to be responsible.
Being “Old-School” means remembering when doing well in school was something to be proud of, while getting in trouble in school carried real consequences. Teachers were the only shot-callers in the classrooms and there was no embarrassment or shame in getting good grades.
Being “Old-School” means remembering when it was important to stand up for ourselves, our family, and our friends, when failing to do so resulted in punishment from mama, pops, granny, uncles and/or other relatives who didn’t mind putting a belt to our behinds in hopes of cultivating courage and responsibility in us.
Being “Old-School” means remembering when grandmothers and mothers made kids go to church, if not every Sunday, then at least on Easter Sunday. Atheism was unheard of because not a day went by when we didn’t hear someone thanking God for His blessings and mercy, so we knew without any doubt that there was something much greater than US.
Being “Old-School” means remembering when peple got up early each morning to get ready for an honest hard day’s work, when households stayed afloat from paycheck to paycheck, and there was no shame in making minimum wage if the bills were paid and there was food in the refrigerator.
Being “Old-School” means remembering when people dated, couples got married, and marriages lasted. Also, recalling a time when saying “I love you” came naturally because it was true, whether it was said romantically or among family.
In conclusion, I’d like to share these simple truths that I learned back in the day: It’s never too late to become a productive member of your family and your community; the more you learn, the more opportunities you’ll have to enhance and enrich your life and the lives of people you care about; God is always working behind the scenes in all of our lives; a job is something to be proud of and to take pride in; and most important of all… There is nothing wrong with caring deeply for others! These things were true back in the day, and they’re still true here and now, so I’m proud to be called “Old-School” and I pray I’ll be able to pass on some of my “Old-School” ways! Until next time….

Vincent Evans
DOC #285-692

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