Justin Higbee

My Life, My Pain by: Justin Higbee

Hi my name is Justin as you can see,I’m 37,brown hair, brown eyes,5’8 , 220. Athletic build, I love fitness and use the time to stay in shape and healthy. I am from Troy, Ohio and doing 8 years for bank robbery, I got caught on Dec. 4th 2015 and have been down since then,my outdate is Dec.29th 2023. I am here because I have been an addict since I was 13. My father was a drug addict and dealer and that’s what he aspired me to be,more addict than dealer,lol. Since I first done heroin at the age of 19 that has been my drug of choice and my ultimate down fall an reason for my incarceration’s. I am currently on my 5th and hopefully final number. I am in recovery and practice sobriety each and everyday. Don’t get me wrong the drugs are here and worse cause of the easy access and as of right now the prisons in Ohio are going through a meth and fentynal epidemic as you can see by the news they just had a mass overdose at RCI. No matter what drugs will always be here cause of the monetary gain. Well enough about that. I’m a good person sober and love the outdoors,mud trucks,dirt bikes,street bikes and souped up Hondas. I have four children a boy and girl twins that are 13 a daughter that’s 12 w my first baby’s mom and a 4 year old w second baby’s mom. Can’t say I have been a father cause I’ve been locked up most of their lives,I have a lot of making up for lost time once released. Well that’s a lil about me and my life if you like what you have read and would like to chat you can look me up on jpay. I am at Lebanon Correctional Institute, Justin Higbee #725-889,is my number,I am very out going and love to talk and will answer any questions you have. Thank you,
Justin…….p.s. can’t send pic w this cause I wrote it on my jpay player,will send pic w next one off the kiosk.

Justin Higbee
DOC #725-889

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