Jason Parr

Introducing Jason Parr

as you know my name is jason parr, i am 40 years old, i have been in prison this time since 2009. i am what theyy call a hybrid because i am doing prison time under 2 sentencing laws in ohio. what that meanns is that i am still subject to release consideration by the ohio parole boardfor my original conviction from 1994 when i was 16. i was released twice on parole and to be honest i was not ready because as you can see i came back both times. last year in october i had my lfinal parole hearing because the parole board decided that i was not fit for release so i was continued to the end of my sentence. i now get released in september 2021. during tis incarceration ihave done many tiings to changed the way i think because by doing that i can changethe way i interact with people out in society. i am an alumnae of the inside/out prison exchange program that is taught here every fall by dr. angela bryant Phd. this class is a criminal justice class and it is by far the best program i have ever participated in. i am now a member of T-POCC alonng with tony simmons. and i am now taking part in trying to get the word out about whhat really goes on behind these fences and walls. well thats all for now
more will come soon

Jason Parr
DOC #608-600

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