Antony Kizer

on my way by Antony kizer

The closer and closer I get to the door I’m feeling the pressure. with about ten months to go off of a 6 year bid it feels unreal to finally be on my way. but it feels like the pressure is really on I’m about to be back in society facing reality, I’m made a lot of changes to myself after countless hours of evalution. but my hardess thing is can I really stay focus and do what all my plans an business ventures require for me to be sucessful. I honestly don’t wanna waste anymore time running into unnecessary obstacles. cause you know people a give you drugs before they feed you. so I guess what I’m saying what is the best measures to stay focus and stay out of here and really be a productive father in my kids life

Antony kizer
DOC #651-036


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  1. One day at a time. You need a support system. If you don’t have one, find a bible preaching church that teaches the Gospel. Lean on them. Pray. One day at a time. The Lord will lead you and walk with you. One step at a time. Playing for you! Don’t let the devil put fear in your heart. He’s a liar!


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