Antony Kizer

Rehabilitation part 1 by Antony kizer

Rehabilitation what’s that I ask over and over as I embark on this journey through prison and keep hearing rehabilitation. this aint no rehabilitation this is a business that makes billions, how could this be about rehabilitating yourself when you face with the same factors as when being g on the streets. everything cost something. if they wanted to get people to look forward to the future and re create them self you have to take the main factor out of the way, competition, a big thing I here and o the streets. You our categorized but what you got and how much of it so that off top seperates us and creates envy and all sort of problems, like y’all get Paid all the money to house and yet we have to spend a fortune. Give everybody a tv , a pair of nice shoes a can certain amount of food commissary, music devices all I learned is people wanna feel loved

Antony kizer
DOC #651036


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