Sean Brown

Once Upon a Time… by Sean Brown

Lights will guide the Journey to safe shores,
These demon infested waters also got sharks with great jaws,
Snakes with venom leaking & creatures never seen before,
The underworld of Reality is not mythological lore.
Zombies walk among Us along with vampires & shapeshifters,
Leeches crowd Your pockets while so-called Angels are face lifters,
As soon as You turn around the race begins to see who can fake it quicker,
And that’s called keeping it real, “ain’t that a b!#$*”, now who can We replace with her?
Fire breathing dragons will try to burn away Your Joy,
Solitude’s invaded by fools, but it’s all part of a bigger ploy.
Plots & schemes designed to stretch the reach of Man beyond his means,
Your arms’ too short to box with GOD even in Your wildest dreams.
The fire can be a raging inferno blazing out of control,
Or it can be just what We need to survive this damning cold,
That darkness within the Soul must be stripped of power & placed back in the folds,
This is the Key to the whole process of turning lead into Gold.
So it seems we have to pay closer attention to these stories that We hear,
We never realize the Jewels hidden between the lines until Our Vision finally clears!

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630


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