Love by mark banbury

can someone please tell me what is love is it something we would climb the highest mountain or swim the deepest ocean for is it that unbreakable bond that nobody can break is love something everyone wants to feel cause its one of the best feelings in the world ‘if not thee best so why is it so hard to find is it because we already been hurt once so were afraid to love again cause one thing about someone loving you is that you no longer own your heart they do some people have certain types but im hear to tell you love comes in very many different sizes shapes and colors so why be picky being raised by a single mother she installed in me how to properiy treat a woman be kind and give her compliments make sure she knows she’s the only one for you always put in what you expect out and never settle for anything less than you deserve always keep her happy cause she will always be smiling and everyone looks so much better when thier smiling hope to hear from someone soon and smile cause you look so good doing it have a good day

Mark Banbury
DOC #714-621


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