Matthew Epperson

Continuity by Matthew Epperson

It has been a hard week for writing. I’m getting distracted, I’m making juvenile mistakes, and I’m loathing the thought of sitting down and forcing myself to create. In other words: WORK SUCKS! In my first draft of Ruse of Discontent, I arrived at a point in the plot that was difficult beyond the rest, and I lost interest. I’m at that point in the rewriting process, and though the feeling isn’t as intense, there is still a blemish of bleakness. It is times like these that I realize I’ve bitten off a huge project. And yes, discouragement snugs up close to my pen…

But I’ll be damned if I let my emotions guide my success! I have come too far, worked too hard, and evolved too much as a writer to be swayed by my emotional self. This is where the rubber meets the road, where the hand gets the callous, and where the strong prevail. I am strong! I am a writer! I believe in my product, and I know you all will believe once you have read Ruse of Discontent. No good thing worth having is acquired easily. In the fire, the gold is refined; in the depression, the poet etches genius; in prison, I write books! I will persevere, as I hope everyone of you do.

Stay continuous, all of you. No matter what your life, dream, or ambition is. Stay true to yourself, and don’t give up! If what you’re experiencing is hard, be prepared for it to get harder. If you’re growing tired and weary, be prepared to push. And if distraction is plaguing your mind, embrace discipline like a long lost friend.

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
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