Isadore Barboza

Another Crappy policy by: ISADORE BARBOZA

Effective September 4th no one who’s not an approved visitor to the prisoner will be allowed to email us,if this policy goes through it’s just another tactic to get us on the inside disconnected from those who care don’t allow this cruel tactic to turn you away stand strong for us we need you and would greatly appreciate it if you stand up for us write to us they can’t stop the us. post office so write someone today….
Let’s start a dialog today no topic is to personal and all questions will be answered honestly,stand up against this cruel system…..
I can be reached at, ISADORE BARBOZA 5368 Valdosta Ga 31603
you can try jpay. com ISADORE BARBOZA to see if it goes through..
Thank you for your time and GOD bless
Sincerely an innocent man,

DOC #1001655192

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