Karlton Kincaid



there is no question of my revenge,
I’m sure one can guess who will be avenged,
my love is damaged and seeks revenge,
I’ll redeem my failure to save her then.

my redemption will pride her secure from them,
I’m her savior and soon she’ll be avenged,
I’ll hunt until which is brought an end,
whose last breathe renew hers then.

until then love is wounded,
weak, thwarted, and helpless,
she’s hurt because my protection was defenseless,
I’m offended by my successlessness.

avenging love may even kill me,
a crime against love, jeopardizes my liberty,
revenge puts being free in jeopardy,
she is worth losing what’s left of me.

Savvinardo Savinci

DOC #657181

Categories: Karlton Kincaid, poems

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