Carlos Piper

( my thoughts) by Carlos Piper

so I’ve been locked up for close to 10 years right, n I just recently been having a conversation via letter with a very close friend o mine, well he USED to be my best friend but since have lost that title so he’s now incarcerated as well but he wasn’t when I for locked up he was home about 5 years b4 he got locked up mind u we were together literally everyday me him n another close friend now I never received not one letter no one money order from this guy buy I wasn’t bitter about it I became mad when he gets locked up n now all of a sudden wants to write me so recently we’ve been writing back n forth n these letters are more serious n heated because I pulled his card about how u was ” supposed” to be my right hand man n I ain’t get no support from u mind u our third friend held me down the whole time n still is! n my ” best friend” was with him everyday so he had easy access to my where abouts now moving on I was the one he called for EVERYTHING he let his mouth write checks that cashed for him but he wouldn’t have been as relyable if I was to call him for the same matters I didn’t let that bother me for the most part he was rockin with me so I was basically venting in these last few letters just to let him know how I felt about certain shit that’s what friend do I don’t hide shit from them so I told him that I felt that he should have been there for me at least at the slightest cause it would have been no doubt in my or his mind that if the tables were turned I would have been there without question he goes on to say that now that I’m locked up I know how u feel n brings it back to himself ” cause ain’t nobody hear for me” selfishness I noticed that was something apart of his characteristics a long time ago didn’t know how bad tho so to take u back a little he fucked the only chick I ever fell in love with when I was locked up granted we weren’t together anymore but some ex or all ex’s should be off limits to close friends I blamed both of them but him more cause he was supposed to my my right hand man n he knew I still had feelings for her he claimed he didn’t but me n the girl had a bad right part b4 I got locked up there was so many emotions still wrapped up between us so I charged to the game but I put him in his place about it if it was anyone else I would have gotten very physical on sight but I go by the saying bro’s b4 how’s she also should have had enough respect for herself then to sleep with 2 beast friends especially when u were in a serious relationship with one for multiple years so that’s just some sour shit he put in the game so back to our correspondence he also started to deal with the opps niggas I ain’t fuck with when I was home granted he never showed any sign of larceny in his heart but his loyalty was definitely conflicted or not in the right place which I found out to be true when he just sent me the latest letter I can see he was a little upset about the previous letter in sent which I can care less about I’m very direct n I don’t sugar coat shit I basically told him he got no loyalty to those that love support n hold u up this nigga said he only got loyalty to the “money” so it put a lot of shit into perspective for me I realized these things a long time ago I just ignored then cause it wasnt really a concern to me but after being a friend to someone for over 10 years u would say some goofy shit like that! after all the fuck shit u did n I looked passed do to our friendship u gonna say u only loyal to money so I wrote back to keep it brief ” where tf is ya money now?! u asking our 3rd friend who is consistently there for u but u kick his back in cause he ain’t able to do EVERYTHING u WANT him to do I said go head be loyal to ya money let’s see if u can call “money” when u beefin with a nigga n he fuck u up call ” money” to ride out with u on the opps cause now my loyalty is to ME

DOC #680422-D


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