Alexander Alcala

Introducing Alexander Alcala

My name is Alexander Alcala, inmate #602-979. I’m currently incarcerated at Mansfield Correctional in Ohio. I’ve been gone since January 2011 and I get released January 2020. A little about myself… I found that I have some what of a talent when it comes to my writings, well atleast that’s what everyone else has always told me I am and probably always will be my worst critic. For me writing has because apart of my everyday life especially during these darker times that I’ve found myself in these past seven and a half years. Some of the things i discuss in my writing are things from past struggles, struggles im going through at the moment, or thing that i struggle with daily such as my addictions. Thankfully by the Grace of God i can say that I’m 2 years sober from any hard drugs, but not a day goes by that I dont still struggle with the temptations. Right now I’m 26 years old and have the most amazing 7 yr old daughter that’s been the root of my strengths and continue to push me through these trying times and help me remain focused on seeing a better day! If anyone would like to talk with me or build on any of my writings I can be contacted through JPAY.COM or via mail at Alexander Alcala’ #602-979, 1150 Main Street. Mansfield Ohio 44901. Thank you.

Alexander Alcala
DOC #602-979


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