Anthony Simmons

HEARTBEAT PROPS. by Anthony Simmons

Our lives are all different yet similar in the reality of what king Solomon said.. Go eat food with rejoicing and drink your wine with a joyful heart for already the true God has found pleasure in your works. May your Clothing always be white and do not fail to put oil on your head. Enjoy life with your beloved mate, all the days of your futile life, which he has given you under the sun, all the days of your futility, for that is your lot in life and in your hard work at which you toil under the sun. Whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your might for there is no work nor planning, nor knowledge nor wisdom in the Grave the place where we are all going. The living are conscious that they will die, but the Dead are conscious of nothing at all.
In the wake of this past week where we could not help be to acknowledge the funerals of Senator John McCain and R&B Legend Aretha Franklin I allowed myself a moment to reflect on Life and Death and I came to the Conclusion that Great people need to have their funerals while their hearts are still beating. I call this HEARTBEAT PROPS. because some of the amazing things said ought to be heard by the person they are speaking to in that Coffin. Americans, more than anyone in the world give awards out all year long ( Grammy’s, Tony’s, AMA’s, CMA’s, Oscar’s, People’s Choice, Best Dogs, and many more) . We need to stop honoring one hit wonders or Actors and Actresses who play the role of someone famous and start Honoring the real Deal. HEARTBEAT PROPS belong to those who live a complete God given Four Score +Ten as God promised ( psalms 90:10). fourscore if you are a strong human as John McCain was. When a person lives to be 75, That should automatically entitle them to a HEARTBEAT Service. It’s just a funeral, except the Eulogy get to be heard by “ALL” including the person who is soon to be deseased. This is not like the Presidential Congressional Metal of Honor which Aretha Franklin got but the audience was nothing like the one that was around her during her funeral. All those famous and important people in which we saw at those service should be present at the HEARTBEAT service. Let this stand as a Heartbeat Challenge to us and everyone who has a relative or a friend that has reached the Heartbeat age to set up the service as if they had died, but they are yet living. I believe this should be done in the spirit of love for anyone terminal or on their death bed too. Because of Skype and other means of Media. This is possible for all those who we love and cherish and want to tell them how amazing not only their lives were but also how much they made a difference in all those lives that may be present. Children have The Make A Wish foundation because, they have not lived full lives, this is so much bigger than makeAwish. Those Nursing homes and hospitals are nothing more than Inheritance Drains. We need to use some of those funds to throw the biggest party ever that says
“WE LOVE YOU TO (NOT LIFE!). It was sad to hear George Bush say to John McCain’s family that “His funeral day was just one day of all the days that will always be. That should be said in the presence of a heartbeat that will forever acknowledge his impact on the world while he was in it. The Bible also says that unforeseen things, happens to us all, (ecclesiates 9:11)
We can’t do anything but grieve at those times, however, we can plan a
party type celebration for someone who’s heart is still beating.
Our Spiritual Values as Americans Connected to the Energy of the Almighty Jehovah should Relate to the Enlightment, Freedom and Creative growth, of the entire Human Race. They should Promote the innate human tendency toward a synthesis and wholeness within our hidden intensions. They should expand Rather than limit the horizons of our human vision and capacity. They can be symbolized as an upward spiral of infinite Potentiality in each one of us Black, White, Foreign, Dreamers, LGBTQ, Mentally Challenged, Incarcerated, Political, Wealthy, Poor, Religious, Atheist, Agnostic
The one thing we all have in common is that we’re all Dying andso far, Death, is Undefeated. yet it can be defeated and the first time will be the only time we will need to. ( compare Revelation 21:4 ) What you think about this? I invite to the conversation on to multiply this conversation. RIP
Senator McCain and Queen Aretha.

Anthony D. Simmons
DOC #A194507

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