Marvin Burrage


life as a kid was hell and as far as I can remember I was an abused child,I remember we use to live in this building with a long hallway,my stepfather use to call me and tell me to come outside and as I walked down the halls the lights would go out and then he would hollar loud in scary voices and I would stand there crying and hollering as loud as I could,until Ms Annie May would come get me this is an old lady that like me and gave me cookie she was married to a man name Mr Simon and they treated me like I was there son and they would always get on Gene about that,Gene is my stepfather, he was’nt a good stepfather, he taught everybody to do wrong we was not taught to do anything right,sometimes just for kicks when he was around his friends smoking weed he would crab us one at a time blow weed smoke in your mouth and up your nose and then cover your mouth and nose with his big hands this man had big hands and wasn’t no getting away from him once he grab you,at that time you can’t breath and he would hold you something like forever, then if you cry to long he would pinch you on the arm so hard sometimes that hurt worser then a stinching cord,,I was born in Cleveland,,6 brothers and 1sister,and my stepfather had 2 boys and a girl we didn’t live with them they lived in Maple HTS we lived all over Cleveland,every time you look up we was moving,,I never remember going to school a whole year,I really don’t remember to much of nothing as a kid because every time I look around I was getting my ass whipped by somebody,I use to stand in the middle of the floor and just zone out,I was always a loner because people scared me I thought everybody was out to get me,you will know why as I go on…we would all go the store and he will tell us everybody go in there and get you some new shoes and don’t let nobody see you and if they do you better not say anything,we all go into the store pick out the shoes we wanted put them on and walk out thee store and get back into the car,,this man didn’t believe in spending money,if he gave you some money to go to the store to buy a lightbulb when you got back with it he would give you the old bulb and tell you take it back and tell them it don’t work and get his money back,we would have to go on the train track and open up all the boxcars on the train,oh the train track was in the back yard this was when we had to go to Maple HTS to stay with him,anyway this is where we got big bags of cereal, sometimes bikes and whatever the train had on it,we had to walk up and down the tracks checking trains,we had a dog that stayed tied up in the back yard right on the hill where we walked down to get on the track,his name was babe,,one day somebody drunk the kool-aid up,he beat us so bad with a cord we was bleeding he. just said go wash up,when it was time to leave I would tell myself I ain’t coming back,,at home wasn’t no better cause my older brothers would whip us if we didn’t do what they said,if we are outside when mom came home from work she would whip us with whatever she picked up,now when she whipped you everybody house you went over for the next week whipped you thatwas crazy,,this man had everybody scared of,when we see his car coming up the street everybody got to shit,listen he drove a all white Thunderbird we can see the front end of the car and know its him,wherever you find a spot to shit it didn’t matter,some of us was in the basement with newspaper spreader on the floor,behind the house it didn’t matter this how scared we was of this man and we knew somebody was getting a beaten,most likely it was me or Ronnie,one day he took us to the store we thought we did something good,when we got to the store he started handing us stuff saying put that in your pockect and take it to the car,then when we got to the front of the store wasn’t nobody at the counter so he picked me up and put me over the counter and told me what to hand him and after all that we didn’t get nothing,everything was for him,one day he came over and took everybody’s handprint so this way if you touched my mom door he would know who did it,,,I eat a lot as a kid and got where I would go to the store open stuff up and eat it and what I couldn’t eat I would fill my pockets,I got tired of getting beat so me and Ronnie started running away we would sleep in cars,bus stop it didn’t matter we wasn’t getting whipped,,after area days they would find us and we get home to a beat down and a bath,,I remember on day I think school was starting back so he came over to take us school shopping now we got to go in put on new shoes and clothes and walk out,my brother Tony got everybody caught cause he was scared to steal and I don’t know why,but I never remember him getting a lot of whipping, maybe it was because he was always telling gene he was going to his daddy,so anyway they got all of us in this back room and in walked gene with a belt and the man whipped all of us right there when we got to the car he asked who told and everybody pointed to Tony so he pinched tony on the arm and told us we was getting a whipping when we got home for telling on tony and we told him you asked us,he said we shouldn’t of said nothing,so after that store we went to another one and tony didn’t go in and everybody came out with new shoes and clothes….this will be the end of this page

Marvin J Burrage
DOC #256-209


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  1. This was heartbreaking to read. I wish I could just give the child you were a great big hug. I hope you have more love in your life now. Please do keep writing.


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