Matthew Newton

Something Maple May Be: (part twenty-five) by Matthew l Newton

The hallway before us was dark, uninviting. Lessie stood against the wall infront of Griffin, gripping his hand as we crept along its length. At the far end was a faint light, behind us nothing. It seemed that once we stepped thru the parking lot door the world disappeared and there was only the three of us. Us and this passage. The floor tiles were stained, black and white checker board with red streaks running off in every direction, dipping under doors that for us would not open. Every few feet there were lamps, old timey oil and glass. I could smell the fat burning and hear a slight sizzle as we passed by them, spitting at us with brutal rays of insidious light, dim and haunting they call us down the path one by one. Call to us and carry us. We to them owe everything.

Somewhere, out there in the dark sits why we have come, his hands focused on slides and his mind distracted by science. Each frozen doorway a reminder of our journeys beginning; how here is where it all went wrong. He is where he took us, trapped us, tagged us and shipped us off to the lake.
Yet this girl with us now had just as much to do with it as he, had she not? Wasn’t it her I saw before? Now she crawls along the corridor with us, hand in hand creeping our way to the master.

“How far?” I ask her, tripping over my feet I fell against the two of them.

“OW!! Asshole!,” she screamed then quickly covered her mouth.

Lessie looked back at the two of us in horror, fearing she had just given us up. We waited in the darkness for someone to come running, darting down the dank alley after hearing a disturbance in the force.
But no one came. Nothing moved. We were safe to push ahead.

“That was close.” Griffin leaned over to catch his breath. Standing up straight again he turned around to face me.
“What are we going to do when we find him?”

“I’m not sure.” I told him. I had not thought this far ahead. We knew where we were going, as far as us getting to the hospital, but after that…..
“Maybe we should ask her.”

“Me?” Questioned Lessie, confused. She had given us as much information as she could, so she said anyway. But I got the feeling that maybe there was a little more to know.

“Yeah, you. How do we know that he’s even going to be in there?”

“I don’t know!” She started, aggrivated that we had even questioned her in the first place.
“He’s never anywhere else. All he does is sit in that office and stare at slides. He’s there.” She turned and began back down the darkend hallway, leading us again to what could only be our doom.

“Trust me,” she said quietly,
“He’s in there.”

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868


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  1. Really great job of writing. You can definitely get this work published. Look for the print-on-demand publishers. does not charge you up front, and takes their costs out of the sales of the book so you get royalties still. Thank you.


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