Jerome Robinson

Introducing Jerome Robinson

Hi, To my many new hopeful Friends, My name is Jerome Robinson, and I’am 49yr old, I have been Incarerated since i was 17yrs old, So as u can imagine, this is something new to me, I’am always looking for people or a person who is very open minded and understand the situation i’am now in. My information is listed as follow. Jerome Robinson #120703 1630 Prsion Rd. Cotonport, La 71327 My release date is 2036. Yes it is a long time, but i have a parole date coming soon, so i have something to look forward to. Like i mention before this is a new thing for me , so i’am hoping that i get a chance to start talking to afew new friends somewhere out there. well i must depart for now, but hopefully i hear from someone who is interested in talking about whatever might cross there mind. I hope that i did this right, or close to what ur instructions where, if not, please inform me of my mishaps. Thank You For Ur Time ! —————————– Jerome Robinson#120703 1630 Prsion Rd. Cottonport, La 71327

Jerome Robinson
DOC #120703

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