Chap. 14 Pg. 2 by Matthew Epperson

From my final copy of Ruse of Discontent, here is an excerpt from Chapter 14, page 2.

They entered the plastic drapes consuming the patio of the club with James at the helm. Someone screamed, “Bitch, what are you doing walking by without saying hello!?”
Shawn looked towards the shrill and saw a bald, black man wearing a baby blue v-neck maneuvering and struttin his way through the crowded patio.
“Hey girl,” said James, kissing the princess on the cheek.
Embarrassed, Shawn let out an aggravated tsk and looked away. He could never understand the homosexual lingo. ‘Girl’ when referring to a man? ‘Bitch’ as a genuine salutation? You’ve got to be kidding me, he thought; now I’m going to have to deal with two sissies until Keisha shows up.
“Oh, and who is this?” asked the princess.
Shawn acted like he didn’t hear the man-girl and continued observing the faces. He wanted to set a mood. He didn’t have the patience for another queer. But what he saw in the faces of the people around him was just as odd as the exhibit in front of him.
“This is Shawn. He’s a musician,” James answered.
Is he trying to patronize me, Shawn questioned. He put on a mock smile and said, “Nice to meet you.”
“I’m Charles,” said the princess, sticking out a limp wrist for a shake. “So, are you from here? How long have you played music? What’s your band’s name? Do they tour?”
The minute Shawn opened his mouth to answer one question, Charles had another spewing from his. “No,” Shawn squeezed out before another assault came his way. “No, I’m a solo act.”
“Oh,” Charles said, visibly surprised. “Well, where do you play?”
“A little here and there,” Shaw said. None of your damn business, he wanted to say.
The vague responses annoyed Charles, and he had no problem showing it either. As quickly as he was in Shawn’s business, he was out.
“So, how’s work?” Charles asked James.

I hope that little tib bit of the Charles character makes you all wonder how the relationship between the main character (Shawn) goes about. I want to thank my mother for what she is doing on my behalf. Thanks to her, I might possibly have an editor to disect my ms. Also, there is an award called the James Jones Book Fellowship that takes novels in progress such as mine and nominates which ones are the best. I hope to win that come early spring.

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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