Max McBride

by Max MCbride

Who am I

Who am I
Gods son
Not a lost killer
Who am I
A father
Who am I
A family men that’s loyal forever
Who am I
A successful business men that know
my purpose in life ,I have to give back
because its the only thing that can make
my soul right thank God I found my purpose and I feel great
because money don’t mean nothing if
you ain’t doing the right things with it
Who am I
The future a.k.a Mr Heal The World and
make it a better place,by the grace of
God and I can’t see it no other way

Part 2
Mothers stay strong,lyrics

Beautiful Queens outthere just stay strong /I know it hurts deep inside,
the way ya kids turnt out/Because you
had my faith in them/But the street had
a shady plan for’em/Tasha ain’t the same little innocent child no more,
she 14 now sneaking boys in the house/
And Ricky he lost in the sauce ,totting
ah gun now,like he the one now /Chorus.. To all my Mothers
world wide pray and stay strong
cause its gotta be ah better way
Its gotta be ah better way
Mothers I understand ya pain because
you can’t control him or her and lightweight you scared because you
don’t know your child no more/Y’all
barely even talk now ,so you worried
to death but ya kid don’t see that, they
worried about what’s in the streets, so its ah sad story for now but keep alive
and stratigize how to get back in ya child’s life forever,fight for ya life,because without you they woulding have a life/Chorus.To all my Mothers worldwide pray and strong cause its gotta be ah better way
Its gotta be ah better way
So we pray

Part 3
Black Women /Riddle Poem

Black Women cries
Because her soul is fed up
Her big brother is dead
And her son got life in prison
Plus her daughter is 15 pregnant
with twins
By guess who?
Damn its a cold world we inhabit
So that’s why its a must we pray
Max MCbride#A466513
To all the ones that’s struggling to found
ya self and heal ya self, keep hope alive
and keep faith in God he is our Savior
And it is true ,God blesses those who hold
there own ,Blessings to all and I hope
I inspire everyone who reads all my work
Just know I coulding do this without
the most high ,everything good comes
from God
Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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