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Introduction Blog by Maurice Greer

Hello, my name is Maurice Greer. I’m 29 yrs old(10/15/1988), have been incarcerated since 2007 and I’m currently serving a 33yrs to life sentence. I’m a African American from Cleveland, OH. I was a athlete growing up. I’m really into physical fitness. I was a boxer, wrestler, and football player as a teenager. Many of my accomplishments had came from wrestling in high school. I had found that anything was possible as doors began to open up for me in life. However, it was hard for me to escape my past and the things that I was exposed to early in my life, so I was always getting into trouble and eventually threw away a good opportunity to go to college and do something really positive with my life. During my incarceration, I’ve took the time to read many books and elevate my mind. I always look to improve where ever I can. There are many layers to me. I’m very strong minded and self motivated. I’m currently fighting my case and looking have my time significantly reduced. I believe that I can still do great things in life and I look to show everyone who was apart of my life that I am a completely different person. although this is a messed up situation to be in, truth is that I needed this and I’m thankful for it because it has opened my eyes to a lot of things and I don’t think that I would’ve grown into the Man that I am today absent this situation. I’ve became self sufficient and know how to get things done. I hope that I am not judged on my past and look forward to sharing my thoughts and expose people to who I really am.

Maurice Greer #A552317
2240 Hubbard Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44505


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