Keith Mustin

Introducing Keith Mustin

My name is Keith Mustin and I am 37 years from Ohio. I am incarcerated at Marion Correctional Institution until April 2025. I know that I made a lot of mistakes in life but I have changed to a more polished, educated, and spiritual human being who will always put others before myself in life. I have two older boys (ages 18 & 20) who will be better men than me in life.
I love to write new nonfiction, fantasy, poem, and spiritual books. I am learning sign language ,Spanish Language, and Arabic Language. I participate in Improv and acting classes. I am part of a Red Cross Disaster Assistant Team and Emergency Response Team.
Me personally I just want people to please look pass my case i am incarcerated for and just politic together whether on spiritual, political, motivational, educational, and inspirational subject. When one motivates one, the other becomes stronger when the original person needs some guidance. I am real in life and I hope you will enjoy my Blog Network. You can contact me by joining my email list by to going to or write at:

Keith Mustin #505-112
P.O. Box 57
Marion, Ohio 43301

Thank you for listening and May God Bless You Always In Life.

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  1. You have much freedom in knowledge. You are able to think and no walls can keep your thoughts in. Keep on doing what you need to broaden your mental horizons. And remember we each have 168 hours per week and it is what we achieve in those hours that count on life. Chris T in England.


  2. Keith, I like your honesty, how you have so richly educated yourself and are continuing to do so, and for opportunities you have taken to help others. Keep up the excellent writing. And my God bless your two sons.


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