Danny Lewis Jr.

Introducing Danny Lewis Jr

Name: Danny Lewis Jr / Known as (Zion)
Inmate # A672443
Age : 33
Release Date: Feb 4 2028

I am a self conscious liberal…. devoted toward knowledge , righteous teachings, education and spirituality and the mother who birthed us all., Mother nature…I am born of Dominican & Haitian bloodline…. my upbringing is located in Harlem NY , partly raised in the Bronx, made my bones in the South side of Cleveland Ohio…I spend my days indulging in African literature, knowledge of prosperity, programs to develope growth and mental progression… I’m loyal, humble, ambitious, educated, committed , highly decorated in the field of upper echelon… I’m some what of a hippy , peace , love and happiness are the codes of conduct I advertise… I wish to shine light on dark minds , and refill the emptiness of those whose thirst for enlightenment…. my contact info is

Danny Lewis Jr #A672443
PO Box 901
Leavittsburg , Oh 44430


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