Major McCormick

Urban Fiction by Major McCormick

Gabe and Siggy travellle the road of desperation to its dead end. Nine o clock at night Gabe returned Siggy to his Semi. Gabe decided it was time to visit one of th haunts the old players and pimps hung around. Gabe was young but he wasnt a fool. He knew he had a lot to lern if it hurt that bad to lose he cold never be like the other pimps. They dont even blink when a hooker thinks about leaving them. Gabe steered the big body Cadillac onto that rocky road pimp or die. He found a trail of bars and after hours. Beverly spot kept true hearts and new spades. No I.D. Gabe slipped in and followed the steps into the basement. Red bar stools lined a wooden counter, booths with tables and soft benches laced the floor. The smell of mild cigars mingled in the smoke. Gabe had only been to Beverlys spot twice. The first time he was a baby the second his mothers birthday. It was a Disney world of hustlers. Every corner had a character. There he was, he stuck out like a pointed nose. A nigga dressed in red that could stick four tooth picks between the gap in his teeth his skin was almost dirty. Gold chains, diamonds rings and all of the other accessories that proved his caliber shined along with his devious smile. Gabe stopped moving trapped by the mans presence and his own ignorance. He stood spell bound watching the mans words spin around a girls skull. She was either high or taken by a new curiousity. Her questions were the kind hypnotized, brainwashed innocents asked, that were blind to the fact other women were in her same position. She continued to sk. “Youre just macking on me, but do you love me for me?” Maybe it was a game the women played to win his heart but he gave her a twisted vine of hope. ” You got th right direction, so let me be your navigation, inperiation an intuition. This aint macking this is real life. Do I love you? Yea I love you, like all of the beautiful women around me but what is love baby, other than a four letter word? What has love repaid you? What im here to give you is devotion and dedication.” His words didn’t cut corners they were direct and precise. Gabes young face bothered him. He could sense a womans evil treachery led the boy in to the after hour. He eased his game on the women he send them for drinks then waved Gabe in with his finger. ” Aye little player, tell me what happened?” “I lost somebody dear to me.” “But why you come here?” “Because I know who hangs out in here and I need some one to lace my shoes. The hoe is fourteen years older than me. Im to young to catch her. Sometimes im lost at sea, other times I feel at home with this pimping. Im 14 I got alot to learn.” Sit young playa, and dont get nervous when these hoes come back.’ Gabe set on a couch in front o the pimp. ‘Imma give you a short lecture that a take you a long way.” He removed his red fadora. ‘See pimping aint just pimping, walking a hoe up and down the street getting money. Thats just one step. When you cop and blow that the heart of th game baby. It will either make you or brak you its the core of this rotten game baby. Fess up is that why you here man?” Gabe bowed his head. “Alright man dont feel bad, whats your name?” “Gabe” His voice was wounded. “Come on soldier, pick ya head up, walk with me.” The mans eyes became mean , his voice filled with bitterness. ” See a pimp is like a hoe that reversed the game. Some people say it backwards, either way dont be confused son. If you haven’t heard of me I’m Dirty Red. You know you got to know how to say two things at once. Uh huh, see pimping is adrogonyus. Yea its a big word imma make it simple its a man and a woman at the same time. Im breathing on ou baby, but im not go get to heavy. When every one is first concieved, we are neither man or woman. First thing we develop is the brain. The soul is spirit. The body and its parts grow. The gender develops later. Imma make my point. See in this game you got to be like Satan himself. You dont just want the pussy you want the hoes soul. That way her pussy will be worth more than gold.” Gabe was intrigued. “But how can I get her soul?” “Watch this!” “Hey bitch get yo ass over here you taking too mothafucking long with my drinks! What you think this is? Happy hour bitch?’ A slinky woman rushed across teh floor spilling the drink as she moved. “Im sorry daddy.” “You clumbsy bitch you spilling the shit! you waising my money! Turn around and tell her you fell.” He whispered under his breath to Gabe. “Under my game.” She stopped and pivoted into the other direction. “Hold on where you going? Did I tell you to leave yet?” “Forgive me daddy.” “Fix your hair you got a string out of place.” Where daddy?” “In the middle.” She fluffed her hair. “Now fix ya bra.” She rubbed her chest. “Come here bend over and touch ya toes I see a nigga watching you.” She touched her right toe. “Now sit don give the drink to him.” She passed it to Gabe. “Now get out of my face and tell me you love me.” She jumped up. I love you Dirty Red.” “You see that? The bitch didnt think for one second. She only followed my commands. If I told the bitch to start singing her Abc’s and count backwards she would have. I could have told her to do a hundred different things on one foot for fifteen minutes and she would have looked like a remote controlled circus clown and had no concious of how silly she looked. Her sisters would see her actions as normal. Another pimp would have known with out a doubt I controlled the bitches mind. He wouldnt waist time trying to knock the bith because he knows her brain is damaged and her soul is lost now get the fuck out of here Gabe…

Aye Destiny get yo ass back over here.” Gabe walked towards the steps with a black sheepish grin. Destiny turned around for her fifth time in two minutes, she lost her footing. Dirty Red spotted the irritation. His eyes flickeredd. She straightened up. “Catch him!” He pointed towards abe with urgency. Destiny moved with haste. “Hey , hey, lil man Dirty Red wants ou.” Gabe paused his stride. His bright eyes startled Destiny. She saw innocence she wanted to protect him, warn him like a son, tell him to run and never look back. Hesitating she begged him to choose a different path in life. At onece the innocent mask fell from his face.”Bitch I dont need a mother I make my won choices if youre that concerned follow myadvice and join my team. If not tell Dirty Harry or whatever his name is I said suck my dick.” “Well good luck with that one, because I will never leave Dirty red or tell him what another man tellls me to tell him. Just know this baby boy this aint no game for smarth mouth punks with big dicks. Your mouth needs a mind if its going to mae a bitch do anything and you have to be a mean charming mothafucka. You wanna know how fucked up this game is? Look aaround that smokey corner.” Dirtys voice could be heard in the midst of her words. “What you doing bitch? Making love to him? I said catch him for me not yourself!” “Doesnt it sound and look like a big happy family? Look at the smiling faces, but every last one of them are miserabl none of em truly happy, now you take-” Dirty Red hit the corner like a line backer, “You take back every word you said to this boy. She preaching aint she? Thats the only thing I cant pimp out the bitch but watch this. Slap! spit flew against th wal. ‘Bitch you dont use my moment for your moment if you wanted to be a guidance counsellor you shoulda chose school not the streets. Now quit trying to fuck the boys mind up and let him be who hes going to be. You never know he can wind up the first pimp to become president of the usa.” Destiny come here he hugged her. She waas to hardened to cry or look mad she simply waved at Gabe with a smile that showed Gabe exactly what she wanted him to see a lost soul that wold never be able to escape the life. Dirty Red nodded at GaBE with a dirty wink. Gabe finished the flight of steps entered his Cadillac and pushed it towards the pimp life.

Major McCormick
DOC #686167


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