Karlton Kincaid



,the jealous listen for the heartbeat of the happy.
,the happy beat of love is killed by the jealousy.
,jealously murdered by the hate of whose listening.
,hate is only love seperating them from the beat.

,the beat bumps haters’ from seats, dancing to love they can’t be.
,in love they can’t keep a rhythm to what’s missing.
,what’s mising is what makes one happy, the happy only miss what isn’t, gladly.
,gladly the one’s who get missed are just jealous, sadly.

,hate is a special love, only happy when jealously.
,love is a special hate, only happy when seperately.
,seperately hate is seen by the love that the jealous seek.
,jealously the happy are sought as the source of their maddening.

,all I want is for you to be happy.
,happy with me you’ll be hated by many.
,happy without me and loved by plenty.
,happiness is a beat, so is what we have steady?
Savvinardo Savinci,

DOC #657181

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