Luis Cardona

Introducing Luis Cardona

Age 42
1/17/2012 to 1/6/2021 maxdate).
with some programs out date changes to 3/19/2020
I’m from Cleveland Ohio, but I’m at a point in my life that there is nothing there for me so I’m wanting to relocate and start somewhere new.
I was born in Puerto Rico, but my mothers side of the family, where from west Virginia and Ohio.
so we moved to Ohio, ha ha.. I consider myself a hillarican ha ha the best of both worlds! so I’m a good cook, I enjoy cooking, but I’m a electrician, and I love the construction field, I like to work with my hands. in my free time I like to write and draw.
I love the outdoors, camping, fishing and nature. I love animals.
I look at this site as a chance for me to write and meet some people, who are open minded. its good to distract your mind and stay busy, so I hope that some of my stories or poems touch someone imagination or mind. I look forward to this new journey.

Luis Cardona
DOC #630-325
po box 56
lebanon , ohio 45036


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