Ray Grant

“Drifting on a memory” by Ray Grant

Drifting on a memory, ain’t no place I’d rather be than with you. interests are born from the faintest of breezes! in this old house pain is a visitant that undoubtedly tries its best to stick to me esp. the rib; cruelly at times I might add But, this is the result of our own thinking. a friend of our own making.
drifting on a memory;
Remembering the times we would drift for hours on end and now I miss my best friend! I know we’re not that far from each other and I hope you’ll keep yourself pretty for me; I’ve heard that you been acting up at times and blowing up. please ,just know that I have been growing up and this time we shall enjoy the comfort of each others company.
drifting on a memory, ain’t no place I’d rather be than with you………
I’m with you like tony terry, you just don’t see me like Stevie but even he could tell what be happening. common said he was time traveling and he took us to a time where he was a piano player and the water tasted like chocolate. I wish this brown water tasted like chocolate! see, you and I used to talk like this. I wish I was there right now, maybe, we would walk a bit,I know I know …. you’re married . well sorry for the intrusion Mrs.Society. but I was thinking about you…… can’t wait to see you again.

Ray Grant
DOC #1038293


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