Anthony Waters

poetry: THE STREETS MADE ME by Anthony L.Waters

It wasn’t easy for a young brother out there in them streets,
I had to pull the trigger on the heat just to eat,
I played dodge the bullets in the game where I had to compete,
cause some dudes I thought that I was kool with,
tryed to get rid of me..

I’m a grown man now,
I can’t cry cause my well is dry,
I witness to much evil in life that made me cry,
a born solider in this world ya’ll,
I’m ready to die,
these lames can’t touch me because the boy on high.

the streets and my stomach made me to be a dog,
with a cold heart to send these suckas to the morgue,
with no reflections,
and missed up as an adolescents,
I had to grow up before time and learn how to take my blessings,
smoking weed,snorting coke cause a youngen was stressing,
I should have never killed the first dude,
now that was a valuable lesson.

I know what I’m now facing,
looking from eyes behind the mask of Jason,
trying to be realistic bout to go ballistic,
coming through with big guns,
had momma holding her heart,
yelling here come the big one,
because she was to scared of her son,
becoming a victim..

nobody was holding my hand,
guiding me along the way,
showing me the game how it was meant to be played,
every time I missed up,
I constantly paid until that day I pick up the glock,
and let it lead the way,
I didn’t care what nobody had to say,
many got big mouths but u know they are shutable
they didn’t think I would kill,
but when I did I was to gullible,
I don’t speak in parables,
but the words I speak is so freaking unbearable,
I’ve been on my death bed so many times until it’s terrible,
didn’t know what tranquility was until it made it’s self available.

yeah,I know what it takes brah to be standing here,
I was left high and dry with nothing but pride,
because I was despised by some guys that stood by my side,
the same dudes didn’t want to see me when I started to rise,
I was all over the game like wings on flys,
they thought they can kill me,
but I wouldn’t even die.

I had to hold my own brah,
with one in the hole,
I was out there late night standing out in the cold,
I ain’t no yard chair partner,
I wouldn’t even fold,
but I was a foolish type of guy who would knock out your golds,
and tie’em around my neck like shark teeth,
you heard me,
I didn’t care if they was real or fake cause that didnt even concern me.

You know I got the recipe,
I cooked them dudes,
and didn’t give a damn who their asses is connected too.

yeah,my momma raised me and hold me,
but the streets made me and mode me.

R.I.P.. to the ones who taught me the streets and who tried to shield me from them as well.
R.I.P to all my Conrad’s who died in the street’s trying to eat.
PEACE to all my guys who doing 15 to life,with or without a chance of parol,
its so many of yall I don’t want to miss nobody name.
y’all spreaded out through out these states,time stop when the casket drop.
so until that time come,we still got time to change the world,
please don’t give love to all my close and distant relatives can’t wait to see y’all faces..I’ll never forget how u never for got,I am not a petty person if u did for get about me,, just know I never forgot about u because u left me for dead..

peace to the true and living

DOC #720786


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