Anthony Waters

poetry: LOST TIME byAnthony L.Waters

The time that I lost is my only the regret,
laying on my bunk my mind won’t let me forget,
thinking about the things I’ve done just for fun,
I was the biggest loser when I thought I won.

tears of pain with a heart filled with guilt,
because of the fatal hand I dealt to others
behind a harden heart I built.

a change of heart got me wanting to trade places,
even though I made wrong decisions in the past,
I regret closing my eyes and seeing innocent faces.

to many good and bad memories of the past run through my head,
I often ponder if I didn’t rebel and was out there
with a kiss would I be able to stop the tears my love ones shed.

Any thing that’s lost can be found,
but time lost we will never get back,
I had to change and move on with my life,
fulfilling my dreams and goals so I can stand beside my kids and future wife,
to busy living for the world I kept beating my head against the stone,
never realized what I was doing was wrong,
my feeling was mixed up and I was afraid of them being shown.

as I sit back recollect my thoughts its plain to see,
I was afraid of just being me.

love knocking on my door and I didn’t open it,
now all I wish to do is soak in it,
I lost all that I ever had but lost time made me realize that I was not all that I ever had.

please don’t let time just pass u by get up and make your mark now before its to late,,,if u don’t,
as I am now;so shall u be,as u are now; so once was I.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786


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