Max McBride

by Max MCbride

Part 1
Breaking the cycle

We have to break the cycle of mass
This is not a game ,the powers to be look
at it as a game with benefits
Everybody and I mean everybody haves a relative in prison or just got out of prison
America has the most prisons in the world,that don’t make no sense,just think
about it
We have to break the cycle
We have to learn to understand each other more and work toward are common goal to save humanity
That’s what God put us here for ,each one
teach one
But we let the devil play mind games with us and miss our blessings in life
I been in prison for 16 yrs with 7 left
and it took me yrs to find myself and
learn self control
Self control is the main key to a stabled
successful life
I’ve realize that I’ma doer not a talker
and I’ve educated myself to succeed in
life ,also I have a soft spot for people in
So as I said before we need to ,break the
cycle of mass incarceration
There’s guys and females lock up that
really need there families ,despite what’s
going on ,so just be there because it help us alot
Trust me I’m grateful ,to have some of my family that truly love me
And I thank God everynight for that

Blessings to all & Understanding is
everything Also I would like to let
everybody know that your comments are
a blessing but I can’t answer them back
in less you write me on jpay I can only have my family check them while I’m on
the phone also we have phones in are cells so that’s how I’m able to check the
comments frequently through my family
Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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  1. Max, I have an extended brother-in-law who got out of prison, six months ago. He spent half his adult life in the Joint, albeit for just cause. He is making a concerted effort to honour his mother and his sisters, so I told him, at a recent family gathering, “Fight the good fight.”


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