by Leroy Brock

The Conversion Saul was on a campaign to hunt down and kill those who followed Jesus our Lord God .He was give authority from the high priest to go to Damascus and bring back the believer who lived in Jerusalem. As he and his men approached Damascus, suddenly a bright light shone around them knocking Saul from his beast he fell to the ground .He then heard a voice saying ,”Saul Saul ! Why are you fighting against me ? Saul siad who are you Lord ? I’m Jesus, the one you’er persecuting. It’s hard to figth against my will for your life.” Those with him didn’t know what was going on. They could hear the sound of a voice, but the couldn’t see anyone. Saul trembled with fear. Lord ,what do you want me to do ? “Go to Damascus go into the city and you’ll be told what to do. When Saul got up ,he realized he was blind. Others led him into the city.He waited for three days, refused to eat or drink anything. The Lord then spoke to a disciple in Damascus name Ananias he said to him go to a house on the street called Straight and ask for Saul of Tarsus. Place your hand on him and hell regain his sigth.” Ananias was concerned. O’Lord ,everyone knows about him this man is violent. He’s here to imprison anyone calls on your name. The Lord said ,”He is a chosen servant of mine. He’ll spread the Gospel to Jew , gentiles as well as king. He’ll suffer greatly for me. Ananias obeyed God and found him and said , “Brother Saul, Jesus appeared to you on the road, and then he told me to come to you.”Ananias placed his hands on Saul’s head & prayed. Regain your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit!”Immediately Saul could see. With joy, he was baptized and then ate some food. Saul spent the next several days with the believers in Damascus,and he started preaching that Jesus was the Son of God.People were shock & amazed because they knew he had come there to kill followers of Jesus. But now they listened to him and found he was very persuasive whe he talked about the Lord Jesus. No one could argue with him.So they decided to kill him.Their plan was to capture him when he tried to leave the city. The believers found out about this,and they took him to the city wall. They put him in a large basket and let him down on the other side. From there,he returned to Jerusaem. The believe in Jerusalem were afraid of him. They felt he was trying to entrap them. So he got with Barnabas & Barnabas brought Saul to the apostles and told them what had happened to him. The Lord appeared to this brother on the road to Damascus.Since then he has been speaking in the migthy name of Jesus with great courage.The believers finally accepted Saul and he was allowed moved freely among them. Then he went into Jerusalem and told everyone about the Lord God .Some started arguing with him , but again they could not compete with his power of persuasion. So they plotted to kill him. The believeers In Christ found out about the scheme & the would not let that happen so they sent him to Tarsus. This started a time of peace for the believers in Isreal. The Holy Spirit was with them . They grew in their faith and increased in numbers.

Leroy Brock
DOC #300882


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