by Kristine Cosgrove

My screenwriting professors used to say, “Write about the hero, or, rather the protagonist that has nothing to lose.” Why? Because if you’ve ever noticed in great literature, or film — those are the most interesting characters, who dare to take incredible risks, push themselves beyond what seems humanly possible, and in some cases take on the bully who seems like Goliath.

How many Americans are sick, and tired of Trump? How many Americans are willing to fight for the underdog. America was founded upon the belief, and the dream, that anyone could come here for a better life. The dream that your children, and grandchildren could come to America for a better life, escape religious persecution, poverty, and be guaranteed protection under the United States constitution, the persuit of happiness.

Today’s poem is inspired by the absurdity in the news. The plight of those coming to America, crossing the borders at great risk, and peril — only to find their own children being harmed.

Candy Wrapper Life

copyright 2018

by, Kristine Cosgrove

Candy wrapper life/soured by glit n’ glam
don’t you know you’re nothing unless you’re Kim Kardashian.
Home of the brave/home of the free
you sold your only home/now your children
are lost at sea.

The elephant in the room is not leaving The White House soon/the elephant is an Emperor/
naked behind a veil/who’d sell his soul to Russia if he could profit from the sale!

And if you dare complain in public, or take his name in vain/The Emperor will use Twitter to
obliterate your name.

Kristine Cosgrove
DOC #WF9774


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