The Author of Confusion by Major McCormick iii

Hollywood sensed the descrepancy with time.So he asked Suzy. ” Did we see the blind white psychologist?” “No what blind white psychologist? One more question. “Have you been to your mothers house at all this week, or did I leave to do a private show?” No Hollywood why are you asking me these questions, we just finished making love, and it was so wonderful Hollywood. I saw the stars the moon and the heavens up above…”

Hollywood hurried into his clothes he left with out a mumbling word He entered his mobile, and rushed to the otherside of town. He leaped from his car without a applying the brakes. The car pulled full speed ahead crashing into an oak tree. Hollywood bounced and rolled over teh dirt road into a tumbling flip tat should have fractured his neck, because it was his head that sprung the flip. He landed on his shoulders a inch away from the bottom step of the blind psychiatrists office Hollywood jumped at this particular place on purpose. He thought it was his final end. And because of the traffic in front of this office he figured someone would find his body and give him the proper burial but he was alive and well not a tortured bone in his body only his spirit. He stood to dust his clothing. His muscles were a little sore, but other that that he continued with plan a. He figured killing himself would be an easy way out, but it was impossible. He picked up a stone the size of his head and tossed it in the air. He set under its crushing blow only to witness it crumble. The psychiatrist keyed the dead bold lock. “Any one out there?” “Yea doc its me” “Who is me? “You rode with me to the church, you talked to me about racism, my fiance fainted. You were with me through alot of hallucinations.” Ahhmhm hmumm” The psychiatrist cleared his throat. “Youre delusional sir.. Ive been on a vacation for a month and I have no clients that have the color of your voice.. You’re a strange black man I percieve and a very strange one at that.” “Im Hollywood!” “Hollywood? You’re even stranger to think you’re a city thousands of miles from home. This is Money Mississippi, maybe you have been many places but only in the confusion of your mind!” “Doc! Doc! Can I pay for your services?” “My services do not serve two thirds of a man, it will be completely impossible to help the third you’re missing.” “Doc is there any office that will consider taking me in for a diagnosis? I have a pretty penny to pay and im associated with piles of them. Can I pay double the price for some advice?” ” I could lose my liscense entertaining your wicked thought pattern. The ones who do work with your kind are criminal at best. And the advice they give will only be to gain not help.” Doc you dont understand.Ill pay any thing to speak to you for an hour…You’re blind if anyone ask, tell them I fooled you.” Hollywoods voice changed, his diction became the purest of english and polished with an anglo saxon’s accent. ” See and I’ll take the dishonor, if any spectator accuses you of allowing me to recieve your privledged cousel.”
Hollywoods voice slurred magical terms past the psychiatrist ears into his brain. “I- woo-woo wam zam dont want to be misunderstood by not understanding. The psychiatrist demeanor changed into one under a trance. When he came to he was in his office listening to a white man explain very creepy details, about a man he me met at the crossroads. Of course it was Hollywood himself, legs crossed tears falling to the flor head bowed towards hell. He recited the misery of his heart in anguish finding terms, the ordeals he’s faced sine his persona was magnified to super star status. The love he had found but continued to mistify itself. The psychiatrist was amused at the tales but could not help him with the true reality of his situation. He diagnosed him a paronoid schitzophrenic. “Maybe you should see a priest. Your problems may bring him pleasure in helping you.” “Do you have one in mind?” “I have two. Ones named Father Tom, the others Father Buff. There’s two cthedrals right u the road. Are you catholic?” Hollywood lifted his tongue to say yes, but what escaped was a loud belch that sounded like a ribbit from a frog. “Is there a frog in here?” The blind psychiatrist asked. Hollywood looked at his skin it was green, his toes and hands were webbed. The dDevil stood in the corner with an upside down cross. He wgged his index finger. ” No ,No,No you are not catholic!” “No im not a catholic.” Hollywoods words tumbled, his body returned. He wiped the sweat from his brow.

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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