Anthony Waters

poetry: I UNDERSTAND by Anthony L.Waters

It was to many times when I wanted to end it all,
but Allah sent me an angel when my back was against the wall.

down on my on my knees I couldn’t walk I had to crawl,
u lifted me up,
because u couldn’t stand to see me down on my luck.

even though I was trapped with felonies u was feeling me,
and it is not far to see that u are the one for me.

u told me to get an application and fill it out at Micky D’s,
no you didn’t look down on me,
you told me to do what ever I had to do to stay out the street’s,
you showed me how you was proud of me,
I remember you looking me in my eyes smiling and saying I am your burger king,
telling me how it’s ok to start from the bottom to capture my dreams,
so in my darkest hour my dreams is to one day dress u up and down with the finest things.

you taught me how to use my mental,
and how to be gental when I kiss you,
from your thighs up to your temple,
now I’m sitting back smiling thinking about how our love was once so simple.

I should have allowed nature to take its course,
but instead I was possessed by a different force.

I once watched your beautiful lips curve into a smile,
before now,
I never knew there was more to it,
I know it now because the fact is every time I spoke u were influenced,
I appreciate everythings with me u endured.

anyways what I’m trying to say is,
I understand you always needed a confronter,
and u always wanted to be under a man that’s your man that understands the importants of a woman with a hand of encouragement.

every time you spoke words of wisdom came out and I wasn’t soaking it up at that moment mostly because I didn’t understand you.

I know u feel like each and every man before me took something that was precious and ran,
but what I need u to understand is I’m here today trying so hard to retrieve that something.

I was feeble when I had to say goodbye,
matter of fact it was hard to watch u drown in tears caused by I.
I did u wrong,
but it took me some time to understand that u belong next to me on my thrown.

I love to see u smile and never again want to jeperdize something that could be better than better like Adam and Eve I would say,
but if I said that then I would probably have to pray,
cause u know Adam is the first man and Eve is the first woman,
where I’m going with this is Eve came from Adam,
so I feel like u is apart of me,
it took me awhile to understand but I now understand,
a man can not be a true king without his Queen,
because a true queen makes a king.

A King who walks with his Queen,
that Queen will never walk alone he would love her and never hurt her and vise versa..
nothing but true love from someone special is much more greater than silver and gold from others..NOW I UNDERSTAND….

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786


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  1. Big Bro,

    I’m glad you’ve found your passion. You were always a talented dude and once again, you’ve found a way to impress me! Keep it up, I look forward to reading more


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