Free Me By: Rodney Fenner

It’s like my suffering is perpetuating itself
Like something is slowly masticating my health
Pieces of my soul are being amputated in stealth
And the rest will likely be extravasated and kept

My eyes are heavy with the gaze of fatigue
From living every day in this maze of grief
Learning the hard way that pain’s blade cuts deep
And life would love it if I was made to concede

My whole life has been a parable about wanting relief
So is it really so terrible that I want to be free?
That I want to go aerial, put the clouds at my feet
Escaping this legal burial that was sentenced to me

Until you’re a captive, you don’t know what hating means
So I keep seeing visions of freedom in my waking dreams
Fruition of those visions is always my aching need
Because I was never designed to be the caging breed

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377

Categories: poems, Rodney Fenner

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  1. Some strong writing skills exhibited here. Keep up the good work. I see a book of poetry coming out. Lots of print on demand publishers like Create Space.com and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishers.com. Both of these will publish in paperback and E-books. No charge up front, and you can submit the cover and make up your mind for the size. I would suggest 6″ x 9″. You get royalties when they make sales. You just need some sort of account where they can send the payments. It’s a good way to get published. Great job!

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