Emotion By Rodney Fenner

I wonder what life would be like without the swell of emotion
Without its power to sway proclivity like a potent potion
Without it inundating us as forceful as the biggest ocean
Its waves crashing against the containers of our hearts, causing erosion

Why is it that for emotion there is no control?
Could it be that control lies within the depths of our souls?
And since control of our own souls is something we don’t hold
How can the secrets of our emotions ever possibly be told?

Sometimes I feel like emotions are of no use to me
Wanting to erase them and the whole place where they used to be
But then there are times where I relish them, truthfully
Feeling like they’ve taken my jubilance to a completely new degree

This conundrum of thoughts has been nothing but confusing
Understanding and truth about emotions eluding
So the enigma of emotions is proving
That my ambivalence of emotions is suiting

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377

Categories: poems, Rodney Fenner

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