Tony Lewis

A Thug’s Philosophy by Tony Lewis

Today I realized something. Beauty really isnt everything. And folks, when I say ‘everything’ Im referring to everything which is required to build a strong and solidifed foundation; the type of foundation that supports years of intimate commitment. As should be the case, the type of relationship everybody wishes to walk into onday.
The thought for thisessay originated as I read and articlein the Men’s Journal. To be specific, it was page 41, a Q&A, which was conducted by a woman named Sarah Z. Wexlar-a freelance writer I believe her to be- who got the oppurtunity to probe Joy Bryant, whos one of the actresses Im most-attracted-to. But it wasnt just the interview per se that moved me to write this; it wa the eight question, which plunged in to the 43-year-old’s desires to possibly have kids. But unfortunately for me, diving into that area in her life as like jumping into a waterless pit, and it was then that something died. And that something, was the passionate attraction I once had for the movie star with the pretty pecan complexion.
But only my passionate attraction. For I dont think my plain attraction could ever be diminshed, cause at the end of the day Ms.Joy Bryant is a looker, and can most defenitely get the of dose of this Thug Passion. But see, thats the thing, only simple sex would be all Id be willing to provide. Because beyond the carnel realms of me and he, nothing ould exsist; nothing which greatly matter to me at least; and that fact, lead me to explain a passionate attraction and a plain attraction, and the differences between.
Before reading this article, when it cme to Joy Bryant, to me, she was that kinda woman I would defenitely settle down with, if ever give the chance. It was after seeing her in 50 Cent’s movie- Get Rich or Die Trying- that I fell in a puddle of deep admiration for her. After the movie, I wasnt merely left at awe from her beauty on the screen; her performance was equally appreciated also. To me, shawty was what I would call the perfect package, but today, I came to grips that my attraction for Joy Bryant is a plain as a PopTart, topless with decorative sweetness.
On countless occasions I remeber ogling her on film and muttering far-fetched only-ifs. ” If I was in the game, I’d try and marry her.” Thats one of those only-ifs Id say. And for the sake of making my point I must say: When I say marry, I mean all of the trust and loyalty which is ‘suppose’ to go with that. Like I wouldnt marry a chick like Joy Bryant and go around shopping dick to other woman. Naw, in my eyes, she the type that woud make a nigga like me ask for my jersey to be retired. Yeah, I would give her the type of love my man Nicholas Sparks loves exploiting, to shows us that real true love actually does exsist. But before one reaches that space of ”real love” one must progress past the first law…and thats the Attraction.
The attraction for Joy Bryant..for me, your ass can put not one but Six checks next to that. LOL. But once I traveled beyond the obvious, and serached for more things about her which woud make us more compatible if we were ever top be an item, it was then that I stood in a forset of attributes that wasnt for me.
The moment I learned that Joy Bryant wasnt interested in birthing a child I realized then that my attraction for her is… shallow. I mean, yes, shes sophisticated, smart, busty and beautiful; but she lacking the one thing which means the most to a guy like me, and thats the desire to provide me with one of the precious benedictions…creating new life to carry one the bloodline.
Am I wrong for this perspective? I think not. Cause when it comes to love….something only created behind passionate atraction…those things matter like water to a plant.
Am I wrong?

Tony Lewis
DOC #98308

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