Kyle Finnell


Justice is so elusive, because it’s just us.

Coming from a place where I could tell you anything but what’s right.
I can tell you how to hit it, cook it, and bag it. And/or, I could take you to the other side were its the opium epidemic and show you how to remix it, press it, and now we serving it.
Or take you to the place where they talk about loyalty, but your friends are your robbers or your murderers.

For the first time in this life, I fell that I can be instrumental to myself and those that’s around me. Before I was found guilt I was out on a $100.000 and $50.000 bond. I remember when my liberty was stripped away. I was lost; I lost hope and faith. When I lost my liberty, I lost everything. When I lost everything, I lost everyone.

For me this time has be a blessing. When I first got locked up I did not know how to read or write. I mean, I could read urdan hood books, but I did not know the science of law; but now I am one of the lead law Clerks, and I’m trying to get my paralegal license through Black stone law collage, and I am also the president of a non-profit organization, African Culture Organization (A.C.O).
The A.C.O. is about instituting life back into the living, through Education and historical facts.

I was at work today helping this guy name, Quaran Hamm, with trying to find the proper remedy to pursue his freedom. If you googled his name it would say, ” racist man gets 28 year for shooting at a cop”. Today we sat down and played (listened to) the Cincinnati police dispatch runs.
And we discovered 18 minutes in, that the police supervisor told the other officers on the scene to stand down, “stand down, I repeat stand down, there is no active shooter, I have review the dash can video and it shows that someone jumped out of a car, stumbled and the gun must of went off. I asked for a K9 unit because we believe that he Is shot in the wood dying, or has injured himself”.
However, this was not the evidence submitted by the prosecution (police) when Hamm was charged and ultimatedly convicted with SHOOTING AT THE POLICE.
So my question is, what should we do? How should I proceed. Invite me on jpay and Blogg with me

Kyle D. Finnell
DOC #707931


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  1. Hey there, Kyle! Although I do not have an answer to your question, I wanted to say, and I hope the founders of this blog give you the comments, way to go you! I don’t know you, but I am proud of you! For all you are learning and all you have done to improve yourself. Learning how to read and write will open a whole new world for you, one where you can make a positive difference. Keep on improving and learn as much as you can, about everything you can. Good luck to you!


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