Thomas Herbert

Untitle#2 by Thomas Herbert

This is anorther untitled work of mines. I didn’t know what to call it so I just left it as it is. I did once think to call it “If A Man Thinks” since I am doing this before I type this next piece. I would have you know that the last one was just random and on the spot;alittle something to break the ice for me.


They say that beauty is in the eys of it’s beholder. Though i’d say that beauty is defined by the charcter of it’s holder, for it alone speaks volumes. Even though, sometimes the things that are most important are overlooked for those that are often the more tangible or superficial. Then we end up figthig battles that should have never been fought in order to obtain spoils that have no justifiable means. Only to one day look back and realize ,often too late, that the battles we should have fought, for the spoils we should have sought were right within our grasp. If only I’d paid attention, there was no resistance it was waiting for me to have.
Though what if she were to return just like birds in spring of butterflies in summertime to that same field of flowers. Would I be wrong? Am I wrong? If ever I may have over looked it, or flat out disreguarded it, only to find it once again willing and waitingonly for me to acknowledge her , and take full advantage of all she has to give. Woudl I be wrong if I took this opportunity indulging in all that it’s worth? Woudl I be wrong to say it took this for me to notice the true beauty bestowed within the bodice of teh one whose very soul seemed to devour me with every grin , with every look , with ever stare she ever took;with every groan ,with every moan, and every breath she ever took . Would I be wrong?
Just sit back and hear me out, so I can let my heart bleed as you watch me pour it out. Let me tell you of the way my heart often threatens to take it leave ; insearch of a love thats pure and true, while the mind in it’s carnal state steadily battles to be supreme, throwing guilt on top of guilt ,answering every Q with a Q never wanting to believe. While the minds a skeptic at best and the heart seems to ever be pure and true , it’s the soul-not often active -that likes to take teh best of two melding reason with emotions intending to find a clearer view. So we can make the best decision ; part for mr and part for you.And then when we stl don’t get ,the subconscious comes into play,Although it likes take it’s time dispensing knowledge in a riddle. I guess what I’m trying to say is that i’m sorry that it took me all this time to catch on to what was then subliminal. I’m sorry for the mess i’ve made and everything i’ve put us through. i’m wishing now that way back when I had made the choice for you. I know now that i may be too late bu I wish I coudl change the past for you, so I could make it all much better . But the pas is a distant memory and futures are not often clear, yet the present remains the present ,it’s up to us to switch it’s gears. I don’t don’t know where this path will take us but if it’s all the same to you that that weif we are never anything beter I can be the bestest friend I can be for you. So for now lets keep things simple let’s just take it nice and slow because there are beter thgs to be found when we take he paths less traveled through.

– The Phoenix-

Thomas Herbert
DOC #580116

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  1. Hi, OK, you are on a good start with your writing. Just learn to say what it is you want to say with less words. It will have a more dramatic and readable effect. As it is, it wanders too much, so loses the impact of the message. But you are doing good to start, and just need to keep it half or less of the words. Also, if you have a way to do it, try to use spellcheck. That will help you along well. You are doing well for starting out though. Just take your time and try to write your message on paper before you commit it to the computer. Good job!


    • I love you Thomas. You will always be my bestfriend and the love of my life. I understood everything you said. I don’t know if you will get this but I’ll talk to you later. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.


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