Untitled !1! by Thomas Herbert

Locked up in cages, They work us don’t pay shit, House us with crazies, then expect us to maintain a symblance of saneness. Tell publics “don’t worry it’s all about justice” Not a justice for you cause it’s all about just thum, Especially for you ;with no monies, no justice; all you get will be just-ice where slavery’s the payment for all that they claiming. All public defenders for those who can’t can’t pay it. This means parapalegic cripples for cases , the DA says give me him him and her you take that one for claim sence. Court rooms are like parodies wrapped up as Aces. they took all it was built on to keep you from saving. no Gods welcomed in courts cept the place where you swear in, no GOD left to save us cept Masons and Sacreds. Least Soverinty’s ship is well known by defendants when State is the plaintiff.But what’s state but some land and waterways that was taken from ppl who knew nothing but live without being unfaithless. America the greates where 40 acers and a mule means 40 acers for you to mule, where mistakes are discarded for crimial activity and worng judgement by protectors is rewarded with honors. No bashing the man who thought candy ment war, and no bashing the officer who never saw anything that even remotely resembled a gun , where no money and ignorance is lure for the higher ups to attack you . Is it me of is everyone in the federal governments an Athiest.

part 1

Thomas Herbert
DOC #580116

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