Frank Williams

This is Prison Life by Frank Williams

I talked about my case in my last blog. I’am so ashamed of what I have done , there is nothing I can say or do to change what happened that day. I killed a man but I’am not a killer, God knows I didn’t mean to kill anybody, I’am so sorry for what I have done, I wish I could take my victim’s place. I think about this every day, prison life is very difficult for me and it should be. I was so wrong.hopefully my story ,Prison Life will help prevent someone from making the same mistakes that I have because using drugs or selling drugs is not the answer. you only destroy you’re life and everyone around you will suffer because of you. life is much to short to allow it to slip away just because you want to make some fast money or you just want to get high. believe me it’s not the way you want to live your life. the prison system is about 90% full of people who use or sell drugs. we have to change this pattern. because prison life is pure hell,…believe me, after doing almost 30 years and ,seeing all of your love ones die, my grand mom, my Dad ,my Mother, all of my Uncles, and my big sister, and I was not allowed to atten any of their funerals , and because of the choices I made to put myself in this position to experience ( prison life,) this is all my fault . Prison Life by Frank Williams, I’ll write more in my next blog.

Frank Williams
DOC #233-768

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  1. It is good that you are sharing here, Frank. Things happen to all of us in this life, and we are all prone to make mistakes. Some of them we can overcome, and some we will regret all our lives. But we are human beings, and this is part of the nature of life. It has been going on for thousands of years.

    No one escapes from their actions unfortunately, so whether someone is in prison with bars, or prison of the mind, it is likely difficult to believe, but I think the mental anguish can be the same.

    Use your time that you are on this plane well and continue to write and to educate yourself. There is a lot you can do to contribute to society even within the bars of prison. Congratulations on doing a good job of your writing here and see what you can try to change in this world in some way. Peace and blessings, Anne Copeland


  2. I’m praying for you today. I’m praying you will find pockets of peace and joy in the only place they can never lock up or take away – your heart and soul.

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