Bennie Lackings

“THE MIDWIFE” By: Bennie Lackings

I came to this land with many others shackled down in a ship, My back is even scarred from the lashes of their whips. I was displayed and sold for a very cheap price, To a plantation owner who needed a midwife. I’ve helped deliver babies both negro and white, I myself was even impregnated by my master one night. A light-skinned child with a pointy nose and black stringy hair, But I was told that I couldn’t keep him and my master took him somewhere. I’ve cooked, I’ve cleaned, and I’ve even picked in the field, I was also slapped and punched in the face regularly-it’s no big deal. I was breeded with five strong slaves to have five children of my own, They worked in the fields since they were small all the way til they were grown. Now they are free because a war was won back in 1865, I’m still here though-but remember, I went through all this just so you would survive !!!!!!!!!!

Bennie Lackings
DOC #326869


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