Tommie Forster

THE BEST PART OF LIFE By: Tommie Forster

The best part of life is the ability to know and understand the origins of your existence. To know self is to know all things for all things have their origins within you. This means that the forces that you see at work externally (ex. sun, moon, stars) are also present internally. It just a matter of studying the nature of these forces in order to master how they affect your life.

To master self doesn’t just mean to know and understand the forces that you encounter on a daily basis. Instead, to master self means to work diligently in order to control how you are affected by these forces. Sometimes this control comes in the form of simply saying no. At other times, control can mean keeping your thoughts elevated above your emotions. However, having the ability to manifest this level of control goes hand in hand with understanding your qualities and purpose in life – the basis of knowledge of Self.

It is a known fact that In the universe, there was created a positive and negative energy. Our Supreme Mathematics denotes these forces as “Build or Destroy” which is the process of construction and destruction. Ones ability to Build Or Destroy is based upon ones awareness and their ability to calculate thought. All thought is governed by the science of mathematics meaning that, by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, you can calculate the forces of nature and how they influence your own life.

For instance, if my main objective in life were to sustain food, clothing and shelter for my family, then all of my thoughts and choices must be in line with this agenda in order to build that reality. But lets say that I allow my thoughts to become influenced by Cadillacs and I just so happen to spend more money than I make. The result would be that instead of securing a home, my family would experience out of doors and I’ll end up destroying the foundation of my mission before I ever build it off the ground. All because I spent more than I earned.

Or lets say for example that I own a horticulture business. Its a known truth that out of four seasons a year, one season is more suitable than the others to cultivate and plant seeds. For me to disregard this truth and plant seeds out of season would be more destructive to my business than constructive. This is calculating mathematics.

All Plant life, animals, and also living cells are affected by these seasons and are therefore, constantly calculating mathematics by adding onto or destorying itself in order to manifest more life. Too does man possess the Intelligence to determine when it is necessary to Destroy certain thoughts in order to Build, versus when its time to Build on certain thoughts in order to Born life. This is the science of ISLAM which is the realization that I-Self-Lord-Am-Master.

ISLAM is the name given by the original scientists to the life which is manifested in and through all motion, force, or energy, whether manifested in graviton , electricity, the revolution of the Earth, and all forms of life from the highest to the lowest. Therefore, to gain an understanding of ISLAM, one could to study the revolutions of the Earth.

Our Planet Earth, which is 93 million miles from the Sun is the home of I-Self-Lord-And-Master. It is the third planet from the Sun which is proven to be the perfect distance to sustain life. The Sun is the Supreme Ruler of our Solar System since all things, Planets, persons, and places, follow the laws of Islam around the Sun. The Sun is the “Radius” of the Earth being that it “radiates” light as the Earth Orbits around it. In fact, Mathematics defines a radius as “a line extending from the center of a sphere to the circumference”. Therefore the radius or distance from the Sun to Earth would be 93 million miles.

To further elaborate, a radius is half the distance of a diameter. Using Webster to break down the word diameter reveals “Di” to mean “twice or double”. “Meter” means an instrument for measuring.” Mathematics defines “diameter” as a line passing through the center of a body with its endpoints on the circumference. So, in other words, to determine the diameter would be to measure 93 million miles from the Sun in both directions which would equal a total diameter of 186 million miles.

“Circumference” is the distance around something completing 360 degrees. In order to calculate the distance of the Earths 360 degree orbit around the Sun, you must multiply the diameter (186 million) by Pi (3.14). When calculated, it reveals that the Earth travels a circumference distance of 584 million, 40 thousand miles around the Sun. As we know, It takes the Earth 365.25 days to travel this distance. We call this journey a year. To calculate the miles per hour that she is travelling, you must first solve the number of hours in a year.

There are roughly, 24 hours in a day and 365.25 days in a year. Therefore, multiplying these two reveals that it takes the Earth 8,766 hours to Orbit the Sun. To find the speed of travel in miles per hour, you must divide 8,766 (hours) into 584 million, 40 thousand (miles). The answer reveals that the Earth is travelling at the approximate rate of 66,625 miles per hour in its orbit around the Sun.

As stated earlier, all things are in constant motion, from the smallest atom to the Sun, Moon and Stars.10% of the population knows this but make themselves rich by keeping 85% of the people blind to the effects of these forces (motions). The 85%, believe the 10% on face value and therefore, navigate through life suffering from a mental death and power because the senses cannot detect this motion. However, the 5% use the mind to detect what the senses cannot. Because the best part of life is when the mind calculates mathematics which is ISLAM.
Therefore, always use your mind to build, rather than allowing it to destroy for the mind is truly the cause of the constructive and destructive forces that we see around us. What force are you?

Proper Education Always Corrects Errors

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Tommie Forster #1403251
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, Virginia 23922


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