Sean Brown

-Stolen Identity- by Sean Brown

What does it mean to lose a sense of yourself? How does one manage to lose sight of the reality of one’s Self??? In order to understand the solution to this problem, it’s extremely important to realize that the whole difficulty begins with not knowing one’s self. Typically we tend to identify with what we think is the best image that we can project. Therefore, we tend to identify ourselves with trends, popular vernacular, ideals, & opinions that line up with the image we have of who we should be & the circle we move in( or the one we want to move in). With this being a common theme among most people, it seems that it’s difficult for us to grab hold on to who we truly are while we continue to identify with false notions which ebb & flow with the majority.
Loving Self, having Self-Worth & high self-esteem aren’t quantifiable analytics which can be measured. So, instead of understanding our innate qualities or unique characteristics, virtues, & vices, we depend on “likes”, followers, & other measuring sticks which we can compare to others. Our Society has steadily become more of a culture based on comparisons. Individual merit gets based on how it compares to the views & deeds of others. So rather than looking @ one’s Journey & seeing the challenges faced, the obstacles overcome, & the accomplishments achieved, we focus on how it all stacks up compared to a standard of worth set by people who usually don’t know us( & if they do know us, they don’t know our story).
Validation must come from within or else it will always be fleeting like the wind. We can’t live our lives on standby for “stamps of approval” from others. That’s no way to live; that’s shackling self ton the whims & fancies of the masses, being enslaved by external points-of-view. How many of our opinions are truly our own??? How many actions have we taken simply b/c we believed that that type of behavior is expected of us???
Just think about it. Contemplate it for a little while. What’s the basis for most of the opinions you hold? Why do you believe what you believe about others, & more importantly about yourself?
When we start digging within ourselves to discover what makes us tick, we will start hearing that Still Small Voice speaking to us, guiding us!!

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630

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