Nicole Bradley

PRIDE by Nicole Bradley

What is it about pride that it won’t let someone apologize? Pride is like the little voice with a pitchfork that pokes someone in the ear when they’re about to be humble. Pride grabs you and abuses you into not apologizing to a friend, or kicking someone when they’re down. Pride pumps you up into thinking you’re better than others because their situation is worse then yours, and pride makes someone feel good about themselves when they make someone else feel bad. Pride destroys lives, and causes pain. Pride acts as if it’s your best friend when it’s actually a person’s worse enemy and causes their downfall. Pride ruins friendships, and distorts reality. Pride acts as if it’s a strong shield, protecting a person. But it’s like radiation that melts away a person’s moral decision making. Ethics, compassion, empathy, and insight are meaningless and petty words when you have a friend named Pride. Pride let’s you think you’ve done no wrong. It let’s you think that being right is more important than caring about the impact your words and deeds have on others. It makes a person feel superior and makes them apathetic towards others feelings. When you have Pride, your friend named Pride is the only friend you need. Cause Pride pushes away every friend that despises pride. Then one day pride will leave you, and your only friend is your friend named Humility. But by the time your friend Humility comes along, pride had already stripped away everything you held dear. Your friend Humility is a friend forever. That friend has no room for Pride. Because friendships matter. Other people’s feelings matter. Being right doesn’t matter. What matters is whether you brought love and joy to others instead of pain. If being right causes pain, then Humility will let the other person be right for the sake of not causing pain. Humility doesn’t feel superior. Humility doesn’t create shields that block others from penetrating their heart. Humility creates bonds that penetrate through to the soul.

Who do you choose as your friend? Pride or Humility?

Nicole Bradley
DOC #W82508


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