Kyle Finnell


My name is Kyle Finnell, I am 28 years of age, my inmate number is A707931, and I am being housed at LeCI, in leb, Ohio.
my Sentence ones was 34year. However, I recently won an appeal under ineffective assistance of Counsel, for a failure to articulate an argument that aluod me to question the jurors under Evidence Rule 606(B)., see State v. Kyle Finnell, 2018-Ohio-564.
However, this most likely means that I will be going to trial again. The most beautiful thing about all off this is that, I have newly discovered evidence that exonerates myself, and proves police misconduct through illegal probing, and proves prosecutor misconduct for a failure to disclose.
However, when I went to trial I had a codefendant and he got found not guilt.

Kyle D. Finnell
DOC #A707931

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