Courtney Henson

Giving Back By: Courtney Henson

Greetings, as I stated in my last post, I founded The Unity Group right here from Nottoway Correctional Center here in Virginia. The co-founders are Leon Lampkins and Montusa Pace who are also here at Nottoway. We attempted to do a pizza drive with all proceeds going to The Virginia Victims Assistance Network, but never really got any support from the administration. Now, we are doing a Book Bag Drive with our own time, money, and energy. It is my vision to make The Nottoway Correctional Center a pilot prison that represents the possibilities of positive rehabilitation and actions. So to me this book bag drive represents an opportunity to bridge the gap between prisoners and society. To make prisoners more ready to reintergrate into society, we must interact in some fashion with society. How better to do that than with a genuine attempt to help children!
Iam reaching out to the readers of this blog to ask for help with the book bag drive. If you can spare $5 -$10- $25 PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donations will go to:

Housing Family’s First
3900 nine mile road
Henrico, Virginia 23222

To speak with someone about the legitimacy of the drive you can call Terry 804-236-5800 ext.24

If you can’t donate anything, please keep us in positive thought as we attempt to create a positive from our current condition.

Courtney Henson
DOC #1063671

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