Michael Sammons

Another day in the life by Michael Sammons

The end of the day, a time of rest. Worked in the Wood Shop nine hours today making furniture. An honest living. Nothing wrong with that. I feel good when I can go about my day and work and do right, come back to the house eat and relax. A normal day. The same as yours. Well…. kinda.
I’m no different than anyone else. No better or worse. We’re all just trying to do the best we can really. But time moves all of us to want to do more.
Being gone for the last twenty years has taught me to appreciate all the little things.
Getting up going to work, coming home to your family, living honestly and being able to share your love with someone you care for is a wonderful thing to have. Love your family with a whole heart.
I hope to be home one day. And when I do get out I want to ask Melissa to marry me.
There is a whole world out there, and every bit of it is beautiful !
Appreciate the little things.

Michael Sammons
DOC #1176674

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