Matthew Newton

Something Maple May Be: (part twenty-four) by Matthew l Newton

“We can’t just go in there!” Griffin stood next to the side door of a white building, throwing his hand out to block my path as I tried to step inside,
“We should wait until it closes at least.”

“Why?” I asked him. We had come this far, all the way from the lake, from that run down ass cabin and were now standing at the back entrance of a place I’m sure both of us most have started from,
“Why not just walk in?”

“Why not just….” He let the sentence trail, staring at me blankly.

Our journey had been a breif one. Turns out the lake we kept finding ourselves at wasn’t all that far from the city, even though the helicoptor ride suggested ohterwise. The two of us got here only a few hours after leaving, on foot.

“Did it ever occur to you that this is what they’ve wanted all along.”


“Why else did no one ever show up, except for our friend, that is.”


“No just listen,” He interupted,
“Think about it, we get there, or arrive,”

“Or are dropped there..,”

“Whatever, we’re there, and no one ever shows and we fight and then we disappear and then we show up there again and the whole thing starts over. Right?”


“Well hold on before you say anything,” Griffin pulls a peice of the old map rom his pocket and hands it to me.
“Look at this, right here on the map, the black spot.”

I take the map fragment from him and turn it over in my hands. There are spots on it sure, even a bigger darkend spot, but nothing is marked and none of it looks familiar or like anything I should recognise.
“What am I looking for?”

He smiles and snatches back the map peice,
“That’s just it, nothing!! There isn’t anything there!!”


“Hold on a second, we’ve been sitting out there this whole time arguing, fighting, waiting sleeping repeating, all this time for nothing!! There is nothing out there for us to find!!”

I had never really thought of it, or had I? He did make a certain kind of sense, this misinturpreted rant he was spouting. Now though, now it all seemed true, seemed possible. We had been there before, the two of us, and our friend, of that I was certain, or as certain as I could be. But for what purpose I was unsure.

“Are you two waiting on someone?” From behind us the voice of someone I thought I recognised. She had lonf red hair and was about a foot shorter that Griffin and I.
“If not, do you mind moving so I can go inside?”

“Sure thing, sorry.” I stepped out of her way. As she passed I remembered where we had met,


“Yeah? Do I know you?” She looked at me confused, then a glimse of familarity crept over her face.

“You do now.” I said, holding out my hand.

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868


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