Thomas Herbert

MY INTRODUCTION by Thomas Herbert (AKA T.Phoenix)

Name: Already Known
Age: 31
Hometown: New Iberia, La.
Race: Human (dark skinned type known here in teh U.S. as Afro American though I strongy disagree)
Incarceration Details: If you must have what is on paper here goes. I was taken into state custody on the 10th day, of July, 2009. I was sentenced in 2011 to a lengthy sentence of 40 years. That makes my release date 2049 flat. Though sentenced under act 1099 I gain a deduction of 85%. My Charge is Manslaughter though it sould have been something less. In a later blog I shall enlighten you to the events that took place on that dreadful day.Currently I am seeking time reduction, and pardon or commute.

Now to tell you some things about myself. I was born, like many, into a dysfuctional family holding on to Christian principals. Where was indoctriated into Christianity. I was always different from the rest of my family. I was very quiet and I proved to be a loner. I could usually be found playing alone in some corner of the room where the adults would talk. Usually they never knew I was there. Not that they hadn’t paid me any mind, I was just that quiet. That plays into the way I am today. Still quiet and yet still very much a loner. Not to be confused with anti-social. I talk to many ppl as some would claim me to be a ppls person. I am very down to earth and easy going. I can get along with most any one. It’s always up to you whoever you are how I am with you ,towards you, or around you. I have native blood running the course of these veins as well. With those ppl whom I have studied such things with I have earned the name Speaking Hawk. They say when I do speak it’s usually something deep and\or spiritual. I say, when I speak I only speak truths. This has earned me a few enemies since most ppl won’t like what I have to say or how I go about saying it. I am all about what’s rigth and wrong. I love ppl who actually know what trust loyalty honesty and respect are and how to opperate in them with in relationships. Beauty to me is defined by these ,the tenents we uphold as well as our moral and value systems. Beauty shines from within and lives on through that which we put out into the world. I am a Sagitarian born November 30th 1985. Those closest to me consider me an old soul due to my sagacious nature. I always tell ppl I was born a psychologist and ppl tent to come to me for advice and counsel. I really don’t like gloating or boasting of myself much. I’d much rather ppl get to know me and define me by my actions who I am . All I can really relate to you is that I am always me everywhere I go. Family is important to me which shows up in my chinese zodiac the Ox. Oh and if you can’t tell I am so bad with introductions. I much rather the mysteries in life. I meet some one and we learn who each other are and if things don’t work then it just is what it is. If you read my works it’s either you will like it or you won’t.I do expect and except constructive critcisim too. Relationships develope as we move along.Another thing if you haven’t realized yet once I start talking I can be long winded and detailed. Either way I am always about positive things currently I am a part of JAP which is a juvenile awareness program . What we do is mentor to young children who haven’t made the mistakes that we have made and give them advice on how to operate in situations presented by life inorder to not be consumed by thsi rickety system they call justice. Consequently being placed into the same situations we are in. Often divulging information to them about issues they may be going through. We do this using skits , our life stories and a little inside tour of the situation we currently live in. In another outfit I am in a public speaking club we named (MMGC) M.A.D.E. M.E.N. Gavel Club. The letters stand for Making a Difference Everyday Making Education Nessasary. Here is a group of men dedicated to advancing our public speaking skills inorder to create better commuity orientated men for the future. When many of us leave prison we intend to become active members of our varied societies and communities. In hopes that we can reach the troubled youths and young men in order to help create a better living enviroments for the entire community to enjoy and actually flourish within.We aim to value resonsabiltiy and accountability as a means of structure while tending to the morals of trust loyalty honesty and respect. In my spare time I create works of art here in one of the compounds hobbyshops. iam always exploring the options and attempting to exspand my horizons. There ppl usually just call me Phoenix. Ppl often wounder why that name came about. Just to give a light o nthe subject. Born Christian i wasn’t aways in agreeasnce with what went on there. Somethings stuck while others settled on me as disagreable. Once I matured and wanted to know GOD for my self. I began to try and study. I still felt wrong about it all. needless to say I didn’t get very far. it wasn’t until I embraced the notion that it wasn’t all right ,and made the choice to slay all beliefs abotu whatever I had been taught and seek the knwledge for my own would I beging to knwo GOD. Liken to the bird of paradise burning itself to ashes from which it would again be reborn. I died and rose once again as did the phoenix by way of fasting , Meditation and talks with GOD. I was given the term Spiritual Eclectic and a mission that would have me delve into many facets of religion. Taking from all but remaining anchored in none. Though christianity seems to be a ruling guideline for me. I say it is better to know that to believe, for in knowing you can not recede. While beliefs may change as the wind blows free.
I am that I have been M.A.D.E. i am me.

Anyone wanting to write may reach me here @ RLCC Hope B2
1630 Prison Rd.
Cottonport, La. 71327
or through blogs.

Thomas Herbert
DOC #580116

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