Paul Stotts

“Investing in people… it means a lot.” By Paul Stotts

I’ve been taking college classes almost every time they are offered at the prisons. Some of the classes I need for a degree program haven’t always been available at the prisons, so I’ve joined distance learning programs. These are classes that are studied in cell, the lessons are mailed off to a professor for grading. Mid-term and final exams are proctored by a staff member at the prison. These distance learning classes can be rather expensive. Louisiana State University currently chargind almost $900 for a three credit hour class.
This semester I enrolled in three distance learning classes from Adams State University. An Art class, History to 1,500ad, and a “Bible as Literature” study class.
I wrote my local Methodest church and told them about my interest in college education and about the burden of the cost. Adams State university is a bit less expensive than LSU, they charge about $600 for a three credit hour class.
Last week I got a call to go talk to the reentry staff in “Mentouring 4 Success.” The staff member told me my church had called and wanted to talk with me. When we called back, the church staff member told me the church had voted to donate me a $150 scholorship to persue my future studies.
The women told me “we want to help in what small way we can.” I told her that I appriciated it so much. That I felt honored to be on the recieving end of their investment in my future.
What I realised later is that this group of elders/deacons that voted to help me was helping in much more than “a small” way. When someone invests in you, whether it be through money, or emotional support, or just their time, that does something for a person. This church group supporting my college education does something for me mentally.
It tells me “You can make it!” It gives me the thoughts that “You are important and can make a difference, we see the good in you and want to invest in the future goodness you can bring to our community!”
Like I said, it doesn’t necessarly have to be through money, but how are you investing in the success of others? I’ll tell you, your time, your attention, and somtimes financhial help can make a world of difference in another life. Sometimes thats exactly what someones needs, is for you to tell them… “Your worth it, I’m going to invest in you and your future.”
God bless and go and have a wonderful day!!! Be a blessing and invest in someone you see as worthwhile!!! It just might change their life, and possibly yours!!!

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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